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Author, Non-Fiction:

shooterShooter (Patrick Lindsay & Reid McCarter, June 2015)

SHOOTER is an anthology of critical essays about first-person shooters. The 15 chapters explore the genre from a variety of cultural, social, political, and historical perspectives. Featuring chapters from some of the best minds in game criticism, custom hand-drawn illustrations, and a foreword by Clint Hocking, lead designer on Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell.

-Contributors: Robert Rath, Filipe Salgado, Gita Jackson, Ed Smith, Steven Wright, Kaitlin Tremblay, Carli Velocci, Javy Gwaltney, Corey Milne, Holly Green, Alex D. Jones, Ethan Gach, David S. Heineman, Reid McCarter, Patrick Lindsey

-Illustrator: Paul Sousa

-Reviews: Destructoid, and Paste Magazine

napaliEscape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal (Five Out Of Ten, April 2014)

What does it mean to be alien? What makes videogame journeys worth it?Escape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal is a writing adventure to the world of the classic videogame Unreal. Join Kaitlin Tremblay and Alan Williamson as they explore the sublime in videogames, the fictional architecture of game spaces, what happens when science-fiction meets high fantasy and much more. Discover why Unreal is as enthralling and relevant as ever.

This is where games writing and pop culture collide: an essential read for anyone who loves video games or just wants to take a trip to somewhere they’ve never been, from the team that brought you Five out of Ten.

-Reviews: Paste Magazine and Beyond Unreal

-Full chapter available on Kotaku.

Editor, Fiction:

Those Who Make Us (Exile Editions, Fall 2016)

TTalesbTrickster Tales (Rubicon Publishing/Scholastic, 2015)

Rubicon’s Trickster Tales (available through Scholastic Canada) will be adding 60 new titles to its graphic novel series. The series offers levelled books for grades 1 to 6, and each title in the series features an original and authentic interpretation of a traditional tale from First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) peoples of Canada. From coast to coast, each series in Trickster Tales follows the adventures of tricksters from each FNMI region.

Trickster Tales will add seven new series with eight books in each. The new Trickster Tales series include: Wesakechak Tales, Nanabozho Tales, Glooscap Tales, Chi-Jean and other Métis Tales, Tales from the Six Nations, Tulugaq and Other Inuit Tales, and Iktomni Tales. Rubicon’s Raven Tales will also be adding new titles.

For more information on Trickster Tales, please click here. (From Rubicon’s website.)

Editor, Non-Fiction:

sankofaSankofa: Freedom, Media, Heroes, and African Diaspora (Rubicon Publishing, Summer 2015)

In conjunction with the celebration of Black History Month, Rubicon Publishing is launching Sankofa, a new series focusing on African Canadians. Sankofa is a contemporary literacy resource for students in grades 4 to 8. Sankofa is designed to help promote understanding of the African Canadian narrative during Black History Month and throughout the school year. Each book features both historical and contemporary content, identifying past and present views and experiences of the African Canadian experience.

For more information on Sankofa, please click here. (From Rubicon’s website.)

issues21Issues 21: Corruption (Rubicon Publishing/Scholastic, 2015)

ISSUES 21 dares students to imagine a world where change is possible and, when equipped with the right knowledge, skills, and tools, they can make it happen! Each book explores topics that are compelling, contemporary, and thought provoking. They encourage students to make ethical decisions, value diversity, act responsibly, and develop a social and global conscience.

For more information about ISSUES 21, please visit Scholastic’s website. (From Rubicon’s website.)