What Can I Get You? Call for Submissions

What Can I Get You? (a collaborative Twine game about food!)


Hello. Kaitlin here. But I guess you probably already know me, sort of. Uh, so, the thing is, I have a lot of fire-bending experience–oh wait, wrong thing. You may remember me from such games as Say When and Lights Out, Please.

So, I have a lot of complicated feelings about food. I have a lot of thoughts about food. So do a lot of other people. I’ve started realizing that food can be a lot more than just a massive trigger for me: it can be a way of connecting with people. It can be a way of sharing an experience with people. It can be a way of learning about people. Food has always been an alienating experience for me, and it wasn’t until meeting someone who loved food that it’s stopped being isolating and terrifying (well, kinda). And this is an experience that I think would be amazing to share via a game.

Because of this realization (it’s startling that it took me 28 years to recognize this), I approached Jon to make a game with me. About this exactly. About how different people feel about food. What they think about food. How they respond to food. How they connect with food, and as a consequence, with others over food.

And that’s also why we realized: we need other people. We want to hear how other people think about food, how they consume food and how people share themselves with food.

So here’s the idea: we want to make a collaborative Twine game with you! The basic premise is this: it’s a day in a diner. The details of the diner aren’t really relevant, but rather what does matter is that it’s all about how people choose to populate the restaurant with dishes, staff, and diners. We want you to help us fill the diner up!

To do so, we’re looking for people to submit something writing (or art) to What Can I Get You? What you submit is entirely up to you. You can write stories about diners, or wait staff, the cooks or even the recipes! It’s entirely up to you who you want to write and what you want to write about. We’re not placing any restrictions on this, except that we ask it not be offensive. Also, we’re not curating: if you submit, you’re in. If you’d like our help with programming and editing/writing, Jon and I are both professionals in those respective fields, and are happy to help–but we won’t do anything to your story if you don’t want us to. Consent is vital to us for this to be a fun and safe collaborative experience.

Here’s the breakdown:

1) No experience writing creatively or with Twine necessary. If you want to program your story in Twine, feel free to do so! Otherwise we will program it for you, but work with you to make sure it looks and feels how you want it to.

2) Can be any genre/format you want (poem, short story, dialogue, recipes, etc.)

3) The game will be set in a diner, but this doesn’t mean your submission has to be set in a diner. The diner doesn’t even have to be on Earth. How so? Your submission can be of a memory, or something your character is thinking of or telling somebody else about. Your character just needs to be sitting in the diner while thinking/talking about whatever it is you want your character to talk about. They don’t even have to be a patron, they could be a worker in the diner, too. You have complete freedom to write what you want, how you want.

4) Every story follows a global clock. This means that every story will move the time forward (ex. Your story starts at 6am and once finished, the clock will be at 8pm). If you prefer you story to start and end at a certain time, just let us know! Otherwise, it will all be randomized. The diner is open 24 hours a day, so any time is great. We encourage you to write a couple of shorts that take place at different times (all about or related to the same character, though).

5) We’re open to anything (suggestions, ideas, criticisms, concerns), so please do not hesitate to contact us.

6) Payment: We’ll set up a Donation button on the itch.io page, and all profits will be spit evenly amongst all contributors (via paypal).

Send all submissions here 😀

Please spread the word and contact us with anything!


Jon and Kait