One Night in a Haunted House

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Kaitlin Tremblay (Toronto, ON.)

Team: Sound by Chris D. (Made for Dames Making Games’ Dread Jam game jam)

Release Date: October 2015

Platforms: PC/Mac (browser-based, no downloads)


Description: What will you do to pass a night of insomnia? What if you’re not alone in your apartment? What if you are? Try and survive the whole night — and maybe don’t answer the door.

Featured on: Andie Lately’s Let’s Play


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Kait is a Master's graduate in English and Film, Specialization in Gender and Genre has and a BA in Creative Writing. She is a writer, a painter, a gamer, with a love for all things horror. Read more from Kaitlin at ThatMonster or follow her on Twitter. Kaitlin's work has also appeared on The Border House, Gamasutra, and Comics Should Be Good.