Voting for the Death Match lightning round is open!

My short story, Her Shadow’s Bones, was accepted to be one of 16 stories competing in Broken Pencil’s Indie Writers Death Match! It’s a fun, frightening tournament where stories are pitted against each other, and readers can vote/comment on stories to help their favourite ones win. You can vote here (you’ll have to create an account to do so, but Broken Pencil is a wonderful alternative magazine promoting countercultural stories within CanLit).

Voting for the lighting round takes place this weekend (Feb 4th and 5th) and closes at midnight on Sunday! Please vote for me and my story (I’m sorry, I know, I hate asking too, but it would mean a lot to me!)

Also, if you’re interested, you can read my story in full here. It’s body horror (obviously) and is a way for me to talk about abuse and eating disorder healing. It’s intense? But it’s also a really important story to me about healing and the ugliness that comes with takign control over healing. Please read with care ❤