Where Dark Things Dwell

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Secret City Adventures

My role: Assistant producer

Release Date: July 28th, 2017

Platforms: Live event

Website: www.secretcityadventures.com/blackcreek

Description: Long ago in the sleepy village of Black Creek an ancient evil awoke, but before its tentacles could spread into the world it was vanquished by a powerful witch. Now the evil threatens to rise again, more powerful than ever, and has cursed the villagers so that none remember the witch’s spell.

As the last remaining villagers untouched by the curse it’s up to you to stop the evil from rising. Band together to lift the curse over the villagers. Learn the witch’s lost spell and perform the incantation before the final bell tolls.

Reviews/Feautred on: blogTO, blogTODork Shelf, InsideToronto, CP24 crawl in TTC stations, Bramptonist