Women with Guts: Horror Heroines in Film, Tv, and Print

Women with Guts: Horror Heroines in Film, Tv, and Print (Alison Lang, Rue Morgue, 2017)

Contributing author, non-fiction, film criticism

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Ever wonder about the hidden histories behind such female-centered masterpieces as Slumber Party Massacre, Inside, Ginger Snaps or The Descent? Get the story straight from the women stars, writers, producers and directors who have left their mark on the horror genre in the highly anticipated 10th volume of our Rue Morgue Library series – WOMEN WITH GUTS: Horror Heroines in Film, TV and Print.

Features new and classic interviews with BARBARA STEELE, LINNEA QUIGLEY, ANGELA BETTIS, MARY LAMBERT, ANA LILY AMIRPOUR, JENNIFER KENT and more! Plus! personal essays and tribute pieces on genre pioneers such as ANNE RICE, ELVIRA, JAMIE-LEE CURTIS, SIGOURNEY WEAVER, HEATHER LANGENKAMP, KAREN BLACK and others, by leading female horror writers ALISON (Satanic Panic) LANG, ANDREA (Rue Morgue Magazine) SUBISSATI, LIISA (How to Kill a Vampire) LADOUCEUR, ASHLEE (Graveyard Shift Sisters) BLACKWELL, and ALEX (The Faculty of Horror) WEST. (blurb from Rue Morgue).