Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins

Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins (Tanya DePass, CRC Press, 2018) 

Contributing author, non-fiction, personal essay

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game devs and othersGame Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins tell the true stories of life in the industry by people of color, LGBTQIA and other marginalized identities. This collection of essays give people a chance to tell their stories and to let others know what life on the other side of the screen is like when you’re not part of the supposed “majority”.

Why is this anthology necessary? Because too often voices of those society marginalizes are left out of the bigger conversation around gaming, the industry, those that cover it and discuss it. Those that live, eat and breathe gaming are often ignored in favor of the assumed default. This is a chance for people to tell their story, honestly and from the heart on what either being in the industry or on the edges of it means for them. (from Tanya DePass)

Contributors include:

  • Alex Zandra Van Chestein
  • Elizabeth LaPensee
  • Hadeel al-Massari
  • Jaym Gates
  • JC Lau
  • Jonathan Jennings
  • Josh Boykin
  • Kadeem Andrew Dunn
  • Kaitlin Tremblay
  • Kat Jones
  • KN Granger
  • Lauren Ashlee Comp
  • Matthue Roth
  • Maurice Broaddus
  • Michael Annetta
  • Scount Angel Munroe
  • Shana T Bryant
  • Shareef Jackson
  • Dorey T. Shawn
  • Steven Spohn
  • Toiya Kristen Finley
  • Vanessa Paugh