Short story, “More”, accepted for publication in Frankenstein-inspired anthology We Shall Be Monsters edited by Derek Newman-Stille

32130264_1665317773550253_7668767748863819776_nI’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ve sold a short story to the Frankenstein-inspired anthology We Shall Be Monsters (Renaissance Press, 2018), edited by the Aurora-Award-winning artist, editor, and reviewer Derek Newman-Stille.

You can back the the Kickstarter here, and stay tuned for more information on pre-ordering the anthology.

My short story is queer, body horror erotica that explores eating disorder recovery through intimacy and kink.

Read my interview about my short story here.

Game Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins

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game devs and othersGame Devs & Others: Tales from the Margins tell the true stories of life in the industry by people of color, LGBTQIA and other marginalized identities. This collection of essays give people a chance to tell their stories and to let others know what life on the other side of the screen is like when you’re not part of the supposed “majority”.

Why is this anthology necessary? Because too often voices of those society marginalizes are left out of the bigger conversation around gaming, the industry, those that cover it and discuss it. Those that live, eat and breathe gaming are often ignored in favor of the assumed default. This is a chance for people to tell their story, honestly and from the heart on what either being in the industry or on the edges of it means for them. (from Tanya DePass)

Contributors include:

  • Alex Zandra Van Chestein
  • Elizabeth LaPensee
  • Hadeel al-Massari
  • Jaym Gates
  • JC Lau
  • Jonathan Jennings
  • Josh Boykin
  • Kadeem Andrew Dunn
  • Kaitlin Tremblay
  • Kat Jones
  • KN Granger
  • Lauren Ashlee Comp
  • Matthue Roth
  • Maurice Broaddus
  • Michael Annetta
  • Scount Angel Munroe
  • Shana T Bryant
  • Shareef Jackson
  • Dorey T. Shawn
  • Steven Spohn
  • Toiya Kristen Finley
  • Vanessa Paugh


We Shall Be Monsters

We Shall Be Monsters (Edited by. Derek Newman-Stille, Renaissance Press, 2018)

Contributing author, fiction

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32130264_1665317773550253_7668767748863819776_n“It is true, we shall be monsters, cut off from all the world; but on that account we shall be more attached to one another.” Mary Shelley, Frankenstein

200 years ago, Mary Shelley wrote a genre-changing book, which she titled “Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus”. This story helped to shape the genres of science fiction and horror and helped to articulate new forms for women’s writing. It also helped us to think about the figure of the outsider, to question medical power, to question ideas of normal, and to think about what we mean by the word “monster”. Her book inspired adaptations into stage, into film, into new books, poetry, television, and all manner of art. I’m 7 time Aurora Award-winning editor and critic Derek Newman-Stille and I have teamed up with Gatineau-based publisher Renaissance Press to celebrate Frankenstein’s 200th birthday by creating a book that explores Frankenstein stories from new and exciting angles and perspectives. We have gathered authors from around the world who have new takes on an old monster and brought them together into an anthology of exciting fiction.

We Shall Be Monsters: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Two Centuries On will feature a broad range of fiction stories, from direct interactions with Shelley’s texts to explorations of the stitched, assembled body and narrative experiments in monstrous creations. We Shall Be Monsters is a fiction collection that will feature explorations of disability through Frankenstein, queer and trans identity, ideas of race and colonialism. Shelley’s story provides a space for exploring a multitude of identities through the figure of the sympathetic outsider. Frankenstein’s “monster” is a figure of Otherness, and one that can tell stories of exclusion and social oppression.

The book will feature stories by:

Day Al-Mohamed, Lena Ng, Andrew Wilmot, Alex Acks, Evelyn Deshane,  Simon Turner, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Randall Arnold, Liam Hogan, K. C. Grifant, Cait Gordon, Halli Lilburn, JF Garrard, Kev Harrison, Corey Redekop, Max D. Stanton, Eric Choi and Joseph McGinty, Joshua Bartolome, Ariana Verbree, Priya Sridhar, Lisa Carreiro, Kaitlin Tremblay, Victoria Martin, Ashley Caranto Morford.

Read my author interview about my short story “More” here.


Say When

Play Say When for free


Fact Sheet

Developer: Kaitlin Tremblay (Toronto, ON.)

Team: Art by Emilie Majarian (Made during Dames Making Games’ Feb Fatale 3: Killer Interfaces game jam)

Release Date: April 2015

Platforms: PC/Mac (browser-based, no downloads)


DescriptionA horror, sci-fi fairy tale about feeling empty.

Say When is a game that interrogates the ways we attempt to modify our bodies in an effort to make ourselves feel whole. The idea is to normalize the idea of “killer interfaces” i.e. things that may be external to us, by looking at how one can commodify and integrate interfaces as a manner of therapy and healing. These interfaces come in the form of mods (brain, body, and heart) that the player must decide to attach to the main character, Lily. Some of these attempts are positive and increase Lily’s sanity. Others are detrimental and decrease her sanity. The goal is to be kind to Lily as you attempt to help her. The outcomes of the mods are not always intuitive, and encourage care and thought when facing the way we interact with another’s feelings of emptiness and helplessness.

Featured onBitch MagazineShameless Magazine, Broken Pencil Magazine

Showcased at: Indiecade (2015), Different Games (Brooklyn, NY, 2016), The Terror of Knowing (London, ON, 2016)


Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

Play Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before for free

Fact Sheet

Developer: Kaitlin Tremblay (Toronto, ON.)

Release Date: September 2013

Platforms: PC/Mac (browser-based, no downloads)


Description: Elizabeth is falling apart and the only way to save her might be to take herself apart — literally. A body horror Twine about self-harm and eating disorders.

Special thanks for Patrick Lindsay for his help.

Featured onRock, Paper, Shotgun and IndieHaven. Free Indie Games also listed Stop Me as part of the Best of 2013: Horror list

Showcased at: All Hallow’s Eve Tea and Masquerade (2013)



There Are Monsters Under Your Bed

Play There Are Monsters Under Your Bed for free

Fact Sheet

Developer: Kaitlin Tremblay (Toronto, ON.)

Release Date: December 2013

Platforms: PC/Mac (browser-based, no downloads)


Description: Trying to leave your bedroom isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when you have to fight monsters (that may or may not be there) in order to even get up from your bed. Pick your weapon, and get ready to attack, defend, or run away — whatever it takes to survive.

Featured onIndie MegacastPrescription Pixel Dwutygodnik (Polish), and Polygon


One Night in a Haunted House

Play One Night in a Haunted House for free for free

Fact Sheet

Developer: Kaitlin Tremblay (Toronto, ON.)

Team: Sound by Chris D. (Made for Dames Making Games’ Dread Jam game jam)

Release Date: October 2015

Platforms: PC/Mac (browser-based, no downloads)


Description: What will you do to pass a night of insomnia? What if you’re not alone in your apartment? What if you are? Try and survive the whole night — and maybe don’t answer the door.

Featured on: Andie Lately’s Let’s Play