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I have been involved in the development and production of different events about video games, notably including WordPlay, a one-day video game festival celebrating good writing in video games.

Wordplay, with Hand Eye Society at the Toronto Reference Library (2013–2016)


WordplayA free, annual one-day festival celebrating the best writing in video games, hosted at the Toronto Reference Library. Included talks by Emily Short, Sam Barlow, Christine Love, Ryan North, and Twine, Renpy, and other interactive fiction technologies. (Read my interview about Wordplay at Open Book Toronto)

I was a jury member for Wordplay 2016, which was hosted at the British Library.

Leaps & Maneuvers, with Dames Making Games and Brandeis University (2015)

Leaps and Maneuvers

An exhibition with Brandeis University that featured games made by members of Dames Making Games, co-curated with Soha Kareem. I wrote the exhibition description for the digital catalogue.