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As a narrative design and writing mentor, I have coordinated, hosted, and participated in a variety of different workshops and longer-term incubators. Many of these workshops focus on narrative design, writing, and working with marginalized individuals.


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Writing & Narrative Design for VR Dames Making Games & Black Women Film! Canada, 2018

I co-led a workshop on narrative design and writing for VR for a weekend-long VR intensive for Black female creators and filmmakers, alongside Nuha Alkadi.

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Extraordinary Mind Games | Hand Eye Society & Workman Arts, 2016

I coordinated a six-week game creation workshop for people with mental illness with Arielle Grimes. In collaboration between Workman Arts (CAMH) and the Hand Eye Society.

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Indigicade 2 Dames Making Games, 2016

In the first week, I acted as a narrative and game design mentor, specifically helping participants think about design emotional experiences about mental illness. In collaboration with IndigenousRoutes and Dames Making Games.


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Writing Dialogue For Games | Dames Making Games, 2019

I am leading a workshop on the best practices for writing both voice-over and text-only dialoge for games, including AAA, indie, mobile, and escape games.

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Writing Romance Games | Dames Making Games, 2017

I co-hosted a discussion and a writers’ group focused on writing and designing romance games, alongside Natalie Zina Walschots and Ben Gelinas.

This was a two-part workshop:

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Writing Horror Games Dames Making Games, 2017

I co-hosted a lecture and workshop about writing horror games, alongside Natalie Zina Walschots.

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Writing Non-Linear Games | Dames Making Games, 2017

I co-hosted a lecture and workshop about writing non-linear storylines in video games, alongside Natalie Zina Walschots.

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Interactive Fiction and Narrative Games Writing Dames Making Games, 2017

I co-hosted a lecture and workshop about writing for video games, alongside Natalie Zina Walschots. We have taught this workshop three times with DMG in 2017.

We have also taught this workshop at gaming in libraries conference, Digital Odyssey, hosted by the Ontario Library Association.

e poetry performance and play

E-Poetry, Performance, Play: Twine workshop + Talk on my games | York University, 2014

I co-led a Twine workshop with Kara Stone and gave a talk about the use of self-dismemberment in my games as part of my feminist poetics.