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short story, in We Shall Be Monsters: Frankenstein Two Centuries On (Renaissance Press, 2018)

Her Shadow’s Bones

short story, in Broken Pencil’s Indie Writers Deathmatch (2017)

Yellow Dress

poem, in Petal Journal (2016)

plural: teeth

poem, in (parenthetical) 10 (2015)

reprinted in (parenthetical) 20 (2017), editors’ choice: poetry

Out There, There Are Ghosts Of You

poem, in PALEBLUE (2015)

between measured footsteps

poem, in Memory Insufficient, Vol. 2.9 (2015)

Uncooperative (Press Start to Join)

poem, in It’s Just A Game, Vol. 3 (2014)

Don’t Pea in the Pool

poem, in Flushed: A Toilet Gaming E-Zine (2014)

Avoid Vertigo: Saccadic Eye Movements

poem, in Rampike, 18.2 (2009)


poem, in Carousel, 24. (2009)