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Speaking Highlights

Case Study: Valuable Learnings from CAPY’s 6-Month Mentorship Program at devCOM’s Call for Change Summit, 2021

Panelists include: Farah Coculuzzi, Kaitlin Tremblay, Hassan DuRant, Deborah Mensah-Bonsu

Game Narrative 20XX: Futures of Interactive Storytelling, at PAX West, 2018

Panelists include: Aaron Linde, Josh Scherr, Jolie Menzel, Kaitlin Tremblay, Alex Kain, Walt Willaims

Storytelling for Videogames, at Pixelatl, 2019

So, You Want To Be A Games Writer?, at IndieCade, 2016

Building A Better World Through Games, at Ubisoft Toronto, 2019 

Panelists include: Riot’s Soha El-Sabaawi, Microsoft’s Gabi Michel, Tru Luv’s Brie Code, and Ubisoft’s Kaitlin Tremblay

Writeup of event here

Damage Labs : Building supports for marginalized studio founders, XP Game Developer Summit (2021)

Panelists include: Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, Kaitlin Tremblay

Hustle and Flow: Real Talk on Making It (2017)

Panelists include: Tanya DePass [Director, I Need Diverse Games], Shana Byrant [Take-Two Interactive, Senior Producer], Kaitlyn Tremblay [Writer / Narrative Designer, Freelance], Zoe Quinn [Game Designer, Independent], Brandon Stennis [Community Manager, XSplit], Kahlief Adams [Host / Co-Founder, Spawn on Me Podcast]