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Speaking Highlights

So, You Want To Be A Games Writer? (2016)

Additional Select Speaking Engagements

Writing and Designing Text-Based Horror Games about Mental Illness | Narrascope, Digital (2020) | Watch a recording on the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation YouTube channel.

Building A Better World Through Games |  Ubisoft Toronto, Toronto (2019) | Check out the highlight video here!

Games that Heal | Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga (2017) | Presented in collaboration with CCT405: Ethics and Code, taught by Professor Tero Karppi in the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology.

On Designing, Developing, and Writing A Mortician’s Tale | Fantastic Arcade, Austin (2017) | Watch the video of the panel here.

It’s Too Hard to Say: Writing Difficult Emotions in Video Games | Different Games, Toronto (2017)

“I Am Okay: Feminist Poetics of Self-Dismemberment in Video Games and Mental Health Activism”  | ACCUTE, Toronto (2017)

Roundtable with makers from Every1Games, DMG and Hand Eye Society | Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, Toronto (2016)

Create A New Passage: Why I Chose Gamemaking to Tell Stories About Healing | Indiecade East, New York (2016)