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I am an active public speaker, focusing on sharing my knowledge and experience in games writing and narrative design, as well as occasionally discussing some of the community work I’ve done to help lessen barriers for marginalized folks to enter and succeed in the game industry.

Speaking Highlights

Branching Stories: Unraveling Narrative Design Across Studios and Games panel at IGDA Toronto for Toronto Games Week, 2023

Panelists include: myself, Nuha Alkadi, and Josh Labelle

Narrative Design Panel at XP Game Developer Summit, 2023

Panelists included: myself, Victoria Evans, Maria Beck, and Anthea Foyer

Game Narrative Integration at Interactive Ontario’s Indie Superboost, 2022

Case Study: Valuable Learnings from CAPY’s 6-Month Mentorship Program at devCOM’s Call for Change Summit, 2021

Panelists include: Farah Coculuzzi, Kaitlin Tremblay, Hassan DuRant, Deborah Mensah-Bonsu

Game Narrative 20XX: Futures of Interactive Storytelling, at PAX West, 2018

Panelists include: Aaron Linde, Josh Scherr, Jolie Menzel, Kaitlin Tremblay, Alex Kain, Walt Willaims

Storytelling for Videogames, at Pixelatl, 2019

So, You Want To Be A Games Writer?, at IndieCade, 2016

Building A Better World Through Games, at Ubisoft Toronto, 2019 

Panelists include: Riot’s Soha El-Sabaawi, Microsoft’s Gabi Michel, Tru Luv’s Brie Code, and Ubisoft’s Kaitlin Tremblay

Writeup of event here

Damage Labs : Building supports for marginalized studio founders, XP Game Developer Summit (2021)

Panelists include: Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, Kaitlin Tremblay

Hustle and Flow: Real Talk on Making It (2017)

Panelists include: Tanya DePass [Director, I Need Diverse Games], Shana Byrant [Take-Two Interactive, Senior Producer], Kaitlyn Tremblay [Writer / Narrative Designer, Freelance], Zoe Quinn [Game Designer, Independent], Brandon Stennis [Community Manager, XSplit], Kahlief Adams [Host / Co-Founder, Spawn on Me Podcast]