I have been working on video games since 2012. I’ve worked in many different capacities, from lead writer, to narrative designer, to marketing coordinator and outreach for indie studios, in addition to creating my own text-based games in Twine. Below are all of the games I have worked on.

My current projects have involved working as a narrative designer or narrative design consultant in VR games, and as a writer in narrative-driven puzzle video games and persistent alternate reality games (PARGs).

Video Games

a-morticians-taleA Mortician’s Tale Developed by Laundry Bear | My role: Lead writer

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.38.21 PMLoud on Planet X | Developed by Pop Sandbox | My role: Marketing outreach

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.42.26 PMPipe Trouble Developed and created by Pop Sandbox | My role: Marketing coordinator


globes-logoGlobes | Developed by Kimberly Koronya | My role: Narrative designer


aitdw-dlcThe Black Watchmen: Alone in the Dark Web (DLC)  | Developed by Alice and Smith | My role: Narrative designer, writer, scriptwriter for live event

ss_b5fc4bbc683f32b3ce2c3a3b495fd6d5d97340ce-1920x1080Ahnayro: The Dream World | Developed by Alice and Smith | My role: Additional content writer

Interactive Fiction/Text-based Games

Thursday (developer, designer, writer) 

Say When (developer, designer, writer)

What Can I Get You? (co-producer, writer)

Skin Tight Bitch Fight (lead programmer)

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before (developer, designer, writer)

There Are Monsters Under Your Bed (developer, designer, writer)

One Night in a Haunted House (developer, designer, writer)

Hello, Gary (developer, writer)

Lights Out, Please (producer, designer, lead programmer)

You Were Made For Loneliness (contributing writer)

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