Kaitlin Tremblay is a writer, editor, narrative design consultant, and independent gamemaker, focusing on horror, feminism, and mental illness activism. Kaitlin is committed to fostering compassion, empathy, diversity, and inclusivity in all aspects of her work. Kaitlin is an active member of the feminist video game collective, Dames Making Games.

Writing/Non-fiction Criticism

As a writer, Kaitlin writes mainly about video games, feminism, and mental illness. Her video games criticism has been published on Playboy, Vice Gaming, The Mary Sue, Unwinnable, Canadian Notes and Queries, with an upcoming commissioned article for The Literary Review. Kaitlin’s other writing can be found on The Toast, Ravishly, Harlot Magazine, and in the youth oriented intersectional feminist magazine Shameless Magazine.

Kaitlin is the co-author of the book Escape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal, which is a critical examination of the cultural and technological legacies left by Epic Games’s 1998 hit Unreal. You can read an excerpt from the book on Kotaku.

Kaitlin’s second book will be on Borderlands and it will be published by ECW Press in Fall 2017.

Game Designer/Writer

Kaitlin’s games are all mostly text-based games made in Twine, with an explicit focus on using horror to talk about mental illness (specifically depression and eating disorders) and feminism. Her games have been reviewed and mentioned on Polygon, Bitch Magazine, Rock Paper Shotgun, Offworld, Broken Pencil, Shameless Magazine, and many other places.

Kaitlin is also the writer on A Mortician’s Tale by Laundry Bear Games and is a narrative design editor and consultant, currently consulting on VR games.

Kaitlin is a narrative editor on the VR game, Eviction Notice, about cultural loss and forced eviction by Tanya Kan.


Kaitlin has worked as an editor in varying capacities for numerous video game criticism websites and magazines, including Five Out of Ten, Medium Difficulty, Haywire, and as a guest editor on the mental health in video games month at Ontological Geek.

Kaitlin is currently one of the editors on the feminist and queer comic #PROJECTSOLACE by Leisha Riddel.

In publishing, Kaitlin works in children’s educational publishing, and has worked with Rubicon Publishing Inc. and Inhabit Education. Kaitlin is also a freelance editor, specializing in substantive edits and manuscript evaluations for adult fiction and non-fiction, and has an upcoming speculative fiction anthology, Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories with Exile Editions, scheduled for publication in Fall 2016.


Kaitlin has a BA[Honours] in English Literature and Language and Creative Writing, a MA in English and Film, Specialization in Gender and Genre, and a post-grad certificate in Creative Book Publishing.