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Game Developer & Writer

I’m an experienced lead designer and writer, in both AAA and indie. Creatively, I’ve focused on strong character design, integrating gameplay and narrative, and expansive worldbuilding that supports live games. As a team member and leader, I’ve focused on developing strong collaboration between game and narrative design, as well as nurturing equitable workplaces and processes. Outside of games, I am an author and an award-nominated editor, with my writing (fiction and nonfiction) appearing in places such as Vice, Playboy, and Rue Morgue.

Currently, I am the lead narrative designer at Capy Games, focusing on narrative and world direction.

Public Speaker & Event Organizer

Beyond my game development work, I’m an experienced public speaker, having spoken at international conferences such as GDC, PAX, Pixelatl, and many others. Additionally, I’m on the advisory board for GDC’s Independent Game Summit.

Community Organizer

I am a member and a prior co-director of DMG, a space for queer and gender-marginalized people to create games freely. At DMG, I am focusing on becoming an equitable leader, an advocate for growth and safety, and a community organizer. My goal has been to help develop a collaborative community of empowered creators and to address systemic barriers that have kept marginalized devs out of the industry.

Recent Work

My recent games include Grindstone (Lead Narrative Designer), where I focused on expansive world and narrative design to support a live roadmap, as well as using gameplay to tell stories; Watch Dogs Legion (Team Lead Narrative Designer), where, in addition to working on the main game, I helped develop the vision and world updates for the post-launch strategy; and A Mortician’s Tale (Lead Writer), where I was in charge of all the in-game writing, as well as integrating the creative direction into the narrative.

Recently published fiction includes my short story “An Atlas of Wandering Bones” in Lackington’s Issue 25.