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Women and Popular Culture in Canada | “Playing with Identity: Exploring the Role of Gender, Death Positivity, and Queer Representation in A Mortician’s Tale” by Victoria Kannen and Aaron Langille
Gamespot | Death Positivity In Games Is Good
Mobile Syrup | Watch Dogs: Legion narrative lead on writing a game with no defined protagonist
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Script Lock | Script Lock Episode 52
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That Shelf | Watch Dogs Legion: Interview with Narrative Designer Kaitlin Tremblay
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CBC Day 6 | Sea of Solitude is the latest high-profile video game to artfully explore mental health, trauma and isolation
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Women Of Ubisoft – Kaitlin Tremblay | An Interview for Ubisoft’s Women of Ubisoft Series
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Building A Better World Through Games| Press Coverage Of The “Building A Better World Through Games” Panel, by Ubisoft Toronto and XBox Canada
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We Shall Be Monsters | An Interview of Kaitlin Tremblay, Author of “More” in We Shall Be Monsters
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The Walrus | Why the Unapologetic Representation of LGBTQ Love in Online Games Is Worth Celebrating
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Shameless Magazine (Issue 35) | Strength in Numbers
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Open Book Toronto | Fifth Business; First-Person Shooter – Whither the Great Video Game Adaptation?
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Bitch Magazine | Flesh & Twine: A New Storytelling Platform Explores Gender Horror With Each Click
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Humber: School of Creative and Performing Arts | Publishing Grad Nominated for Five Video Game Awards
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Open Book Toronto  Special Feature: Kaitlin Tremblay on her Interactive Fiction Game, Lights Out, Please
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Fem Hype | Blanket Fort Chats: Game Making with Kaitlin Tremblay
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University of Windsor Alumni | The Medium is the Terrifying Message