A Mortician’s Tale

A Mortician’s Tale

Laundry Bear Games, 2020 (iOS, Steam, Humble, Itch.io)

Lead Writer

I wrote and oversaw all the dialogue and in-game emails, and determined how the creative direction would be implemented in the game’s story. I helped create characters, determined their voices and in-game story arcs, and integrated research on funeral practices into existing story arcs.

Creative Director Gabby DaRienzo and I were interviewed about how queerness intersects with funeral practices for Women and Popular Culture in Canada (Canadian Scholars, 2020), as well as for the article on Gamespot “A Little Death Positivity In Video Games Can Be Good”.

A Mortician’s Tale was nominated for a Nuovo Award at the 2018 Independent Games Festival, with an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Narrative.

“An approachable and thought-provoking meditation on life’s only certainty.”

PC Gamer, 82/100

A Mortician’s Tale provides an excellent way to join that conversation while shedding some light on a mysterious business that would prefer to stay cloaked in darkness. It’s a short game, only an hour or so long, but it leaves an impact far beyond its runtime.”

Destructoid, 8/10

“This is a beautiful game. It scared me. It moved me. Most of all, it made me stop what I was doing and think.”


“Do yourself a favor and take the time to read the contents of every exchange, and your experience will be richer for it.”

Rock Paper Shotgun