For more details on Globes: Check out the trailer here.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Kimberly Koronya (Toronto, ON.)

My role: Narrative designer

Team: Developer, producer, artist, writer Kimberly Koronya, Programmer Mic Fok, Sound designer Jen Costa, Narrative Designer Kaitlin Tremblay

Release Date: In Development

Platforms: HTC Vive (VR)

Website: n/a

Description: “Globes” is a virtual reality experience where the player is immersed in the real life story of the creator. In the first iteration “New York City”, Kimberly finds herself in a torrid affair with a man she met in SecondLife. Explore the city and listen as she struggles with the life changing decisions to leave her cult, and also her first husband.  (from YouTube page).

Featured on: Versions (Kill Screen)