Eviction Notice

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Fact Sheet

Developer: Vivid Foundry (Toronto, ON.)

Team:  Vivid Foundry (Tanya Kan, Mik Fok, and Kat Pavlov). Executive Producer/Lead 3D and Texture Artist/Level Builder/Writer/Voice Actor Tanya Kan, Programmer/Game Designer/Narrative Editor Mic Fok, Sound Engineer/Sound Producer/Narrative Editor Chris Donnelly, 3D Artist Kat Pavlov, Texture Artist Ksenia Eic, Narrative Editor Kaitlin Tremblay, Voice Actor Erika Szabo

Release Date: In Development

Platforms: Gear VR


DescriptionEviction Notice is a narrative VR experience that encourages the player to explore the emotions within a young woman’s home and the story of her political awakening. She reflects on the artifacts of her household and community as she is facing a forced eviction, and tells stories both whimsical and melancholic of the local histories and cultures that are under threat. (from Vivid Foundry’s website)

Featured on: Versions (KillScreen)