Solace State

For more information on Solace State see Vivid Foundry’s game page.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Vivid Foundry (Toronto, ON.)

My role: Narrative Editor

Team: Created by Tanya Kan

Release Date: In Development

Platforms: PC/Mac


Description: A Hybrid Visual Novel about youth developing unity and social trust in a despotic sci-fi metropolis. You play as Chloe, a bio-hacker who must transcend vigilantism and build bridges and empathy with the locals. Players navigate a dense 3D city that embeds political intrigues and its choices into its very fabric. In this story, you chose how people perceive cultural memories and perceive your own character, and seek bring about a just and thriving city again. (from Solace State’s presskit).

Check out the first gameplay prototype storytelling chapter!

Featured on: KillScreen

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