Her Shadow’s Bones

“Her Shadow’s Bones” in Broken Pencil’s Indie Writers Deathmatch, 2017

“Once done with the bones—a pile of broken sections and shaved remnants soaking in the bloodied water of the bathtub, water that swirled with bone marrow like oil—she turned to the muscle and fatty tissue. This was easier. She was already sweating by the time she finished with the bones—she left enough skin around her hairline, she liked her hair sometimes, and all the sweat was concentrated along her furrowed forehead—but now that she was onto the softer stuff, her pace quickened. She began to hum, the sound whistling through her fleshless jawbones like wind through reeds in a shallow river. Her humming would drown out Harry’s voice, reducing it to a steady, incomprehensible drone.”

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