Collaborative Worldbuilding for Videogames

Collaborative Worldbuilding for Videogames (CRC Press, 2023)  |  | Barnes & Noble | Routledge |

Collaborative Worldbuilding for Video Games is a theoretical and practical deep dive into the craft of worldbuilding for video games, with an explicit focus on how different job disciplines contribute to worldbuilding. In addition to providing clearer lenses for recognizing the various components in creating fictional and digital worlds, the author positions worldbuilding as a reciprocal and dynamic process, which acknowledges that worldbuilding is both created by and instrumental design for narrative, gameplay, art, audio, and more. This book encourages mutual respect and collaboration among teams and provide game writers and narrative designers tools for effectively incorporating other job roles into their own worldbuilding practice and vice versa.


  • Provides in-depth exploration of worldbuilding via respective job disciplines
  • Deep dives and case studies into a variety of games, both AAA and indie
  • Includes boxed articles for deeper interrogation and exploration of key ideas
  • Contains templates and checklists for practical tips on worldbuilding

Cover illustration by Tithi Luadthong.

Excerpt from Chapter 1 is available on

Chapter 1 is available for free online (just needs an email address to request it).