An Atlas of Wandering Bones

“An Atlas of Wandering Bones” in Lackington’s, Spring Issue 25, 2022

Custom illustration for “An Atlas of Wandering Bones”

“The collarbone, in a humid tropical forest, before agriculture but not before the mushrooms of the region tunneled and created their own life

Found in fields of velvety and voracious plants, partially kicked under dirt, larvae wrapping around the golden-laced collarbone like ornamental carrion. Somehow always moist, fresh marrow seeping like sweat from non-existent skin.

The collarbone should, under no circumstance, ever be touched by mammalian flesh. There are curses associated with the collarbone, curses of ruin, of isolation, of betrayal. Never of physical harm, but if the wandering bones know one thing it’s this: wounds are not the only path to torment.”

“An Atlas of Wandering Bones” is about ancient, nearly indestructible bones and where they like to wander to.

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“Kaitlin Tremblay’s gorgeously written story has been stuck in my brain for months. ” – Alex Brown,