“It’s an instant Classic”

Oli Welsh, Eurogamer

“Grindstone wasn’t just a great puzzle game, it was one of my favorite experiences of last year.”

Patrick Klepek, VICE

“Grindstone is a perfect balance of risk and reward.”

Nicole Carpenter, Polygon


Capybara Games, 2020-2022 (iOS, Nintendo Switch, Epic Game Store, Steam)

Lead Narrative Designer, post-launch content

I am co-led Grindstone’s live update roadmap, alongside the producer, lead programmer, and other key team members. I contributed game direction and design, including new features, characters, and systems, as well as having led the writing and localization process. Updates I have worked on include the Daily Grind, Grindstone’s daily competitive mode; the Slöp Höuse update; the Lost Lair new area and story content; Döttie’s House’s weekly challenges; our high-contrast mode; and our second playable character, Jorja!

For Game Industry.Biz Academy, I wrote a narrative design breakdown of Grindstone, explaining how to use gameplay to tell story in puzzle games.
I was interviewed for Vice/Waypoint about how and why we included a high-contrast mode for one of our updates in 2021.

Additionally, I provided marketing support in terms of writing and co-planning content for socials and Medium page, assisted in developing our marketing campaign, wrote scripts for trailers and worked with the audio director and art director on casting and developing update trailers, as well as having managed the written content for the Grindstone Nintendo Switch News Channel.

I have worked on a few of our update trailers, including trailers for Fortune Grind (a new daily leaderboard mode), Lost Lair (a new area and final boss encounter), and Monsters and Mamas (a new playable character and new all-time leaderboard mode), as well as assisted in developing the script for our Nintendo Switch Announcement trailer.